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Mission and Goals

The APCP aims to contribute to the autonomy and the development of Political Science and International Relations in Portugal. In order to achieve this objective, the Association promotes research in these disciplines, helps to disseminate its results and aims to build networks between national and international research centers. The APCP also supports the teaching of Political Science and International Relations in Universities (at graduate and postgraduate level) and at secondary level. The Association's main activity is the biennial Congress.

APCP regularly disseminates information it considers relevant to its members and friends. So that the disclosure is made at the right time through info@apcp.pt, we request that requests for disclosure be sent at least 7 days in advance of the date of the event/s.
We also recall that the APCP promotes and encourages diversity, so that all proposals for the dissemination of events (conferences, seminars or others) must respect criteria of diversity and balance from the point of view of geographic origin, gender and, ideally, institutional affiliation and career position of the speakers and/or participants involved.