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Dear associates,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Political Science Program was approved for the 12th grade. For the first time, Political Science will be included in high school curricula. Although each school will have to choose the subject for it to be taught, it can be a success if it prompts the adherence of schools and teachers.

Besides giving visibility to our area of study and being able to motivate more students to follow it at university level, the presence of Political Science in high schools is also an opportunity for employment for graduates in this area. For this reason, the universities offering Political Science at the undergraduate level should be aware of this new reality, not forgetting, for example, to contact the Ministry of Education in order to establish the capacity of its students to teach Political Science in high schools.

The Political Science program for the 12th grade, which was proposed in collaboration with two members of the executive bodies of the APCP (Professors João Rosas and Marina Costa Lobo), can be consulted on the following link:


António Costa Pinto

6 September 2006