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Section on International Relations

  • Why create an International Relations Section (SRI)?

    SRI constitutes a platform for dialogue among International Relations (IR) professionals in Portugal, and since its creation it is recognised as a meeting point for reflecting on the challenges this area of studies faces. Its permanent objectives include the support of an IR specialised academic community in Portugal, disseminating its work and defending its professional interests. SRI’s activities are spread throughout three dimensions: scientific, pedagogical and knowledge dissemination. The activities may privilege one dimension alone or have an impact on several dimensions, through the organisation of lectures, workshops and roundtables, among others.

  • An International Relations Section for what?

    SRI aims to strengthen and expand a platform for dialogue between professors, researchers and students of International Relations in national institutions. Thus, its activities are currently based on three elements: 1) diagnosis, 2) communication and 3) prospective. It intends to reinforce SRI members’ existing knowledge, to promote a more regular communication and interaction dynamics, and to contribute to mapping the main contours of the IR area of studies in Portugal in the coming years.



Pedro Seabra, Iscte-IUL

Managing Team:

André Saramago, Universidade de Coimbra, CES, FEUC

Evanthia Balla, Universidade de Évora

Joana Castro Pereira, IPRI-NOVA

Samuel de Paiva Pires, ISCSP-ULisboa




Licínia Simão, University of Coimbra (lsimao@fe.uc.pt)

Managing Team:

Sandra Fernandes, University of Minho (sfernandes@eeg.uminho.pt)
Liliana Reis, Univeristy of Beira Interior (ldrf@ubi.pt)
Filipe Vasconcelos Romão, Autónoma university of Lisbon (fromao@autonoma.pt)
Silvério da Rocha-Cunha, University of Évora (scrc@uevora.pt)

Contact: sri.apcp@gmail.com