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Section on European Studies

  • Why create a European Studies Section (SEE)?

    European affairs have gained visibility within Political Science, receiving inputs from other social sciences as well. As the result of the growing relevance of European integration both today as for the future of countries, citizens and companies, the European Union has gained autonomy as an object of study. Thus, a group of academics researching and teaching in the area of European Studies decided to create SEE within the scope of the APCP.

  • A European Studies Section for what?

    SEE Objectives: (i) to create a platform that facilitates networking and interaction between academics and researchers interested in studying the European Union; (ii) to promote academic and public events with a focus on European affairs; (iii) to promote an identity specific to European affairs, asserting its transdisciplinarity as a distinctive element; (iv) to promote networking and exchanges with foreign organizations focused on studying the European Union; (v) to promote the engagement with European Union institutions, national governments and think tanks dedicated to European affairs; and (vi) to promote the availability of European Studies experts for media analyses.




Paulo Vila Maior, Universidade Fernando Pessoa, FCHS e CEPESE


Ana Isabel Xavier, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, OBSERVARE e ISCTE, DH e DC

Ana Paula Brandão, Universidade do Minho, EEG e Universidades do Minho e de Évora, CICP

Francisco Pereira Coutinho, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, FDUL

Isabel Camisão, Universidade de Coimbra, FLUC e Universidades do Minho e de Évora, CICP




Isabel Camisão, FLUC, Universidade de Coimbra (isabelc@fl.uc.pt)


Ana Isabel Xavier, CEI-IUL (ISCTE, IUL) (ana.isabel.xavier@iscte-iul.pt)

José Palmeira, EEG, Universidade do Minho (palmeira@eeg.uminho.pt)

Maria Raquel Freire, FEUC, Universidade de Coimbra (rfreire@fe.uc.pt)

Paulo Vila Maior, FCHS, Universidade Fernando Pessoa (pvm@ufp.edu.pt)



Ana Isabel Xavier


Helena Carrapiço

Isabel Camisão

José Palmeira

Silvério Rocha e Cunha

Contact: see@apcp.pt