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Portals and Projects

American Political Science Association - Foundations of Political Theory - Online texts of political philosophy

Ash Institute

Democratic governance for reinventing government

Caltech - MIT Voting Technology Project

A project on US Presidential Elections Voting System

Centre for Applied Ethics

Ciudad Politica

A Spanish-speaking forum on Political Science issues

Comparative Study of Election Systems Network

The American National Election Studies (ANES) produces high quality data on voting, public opinion, and political participation to serve the research needs of social scientists, teachers, students, policy makers and journalists who want to better understand the theoretical and empirical foundations of national election outcomes

Concepts and Methods

The IPSA Research Committee on Concepts and Methods


A French website on geopolitics

Election Watch – Journal of Democracy

Electronic Voting Page

A thematic website on electronic voting

E-Rulemaking Resource Website

Information technology in the regulatory process

European Union Information Society Portal

The European guide to Information Society

Forum PA

Annual show-meeting on Public Administration in Italy

Foundations of Political Theory, American Political Science Association

Habermas Forum

News, discussion and other material about Jurgen Habermas


The International Conflict Research's Website


The Information for Development Program

International Constitutional Laws

A cross-reference entry point for constitutional material

Keele Guide to Political Thought and Ideology on the Internet

Marxists Internet Archive

An extensive and Multilanguage collection about Marxism

Materiais para a História Eleitoral e Parlamentar Portuguesa, 1820-1926

Em Materiais para a História Eleitoral e Parlamentar Portuguesa, 1820-1926, baseado essencialmente na pesquisa das colecções de obras impressas existentes na BNP, o utilizador encontrará um minucioso roteiro de fontes e bibliografia, a sistematização de um conjunto de informações de base (cronologia das eleições e das legislaturas parlamentares, legislação e estatísticas eleitorais) e a reprodução de um significativo acervo de textos (constituições, regimentos parlamentares, manifestos e proclamações eleitorais) e imagens (caricaturas, fotografias), cronologicamente organizados em dois períodos: a Monarquia Constitucional e a Primeira República.

Michael Oakeshott Association

Philosophy History Archive

Political Thought

Polity Global Transformations

A thematic website on globalization

Projecto Comportamento Eleitoral em Portugal

Research and Documentation Centre on Direct Democracy

Research for Politics and International Relations

Social Movements, Pressure Groups and Political Parties

A website on collective actors

The African Information Society Initiative

A gateway to ICT actions in Africa

The Forum of Federations

An International network on federalism

The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory

The Global Portal on Electronic Government

A general overview with access to 10.000 e-gov sites worldwide

The Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

The Living Room Candidate

U.S Presidential Campaign Commercials from 1952 to 2004

The Political Communication Lab

A laboratory for studying political behaviour and public opinion

The Political Film Society

A former project of the Hawaii Political Studies Association

The Society for Political Methodology

An APSA gateway for methodological studies

The World Summit on the Information Society

A common vision of the Information Society

Workshop in Political Science and Political Analysis

A close link between theory and practice

World Policy Institute

The New School's research centre for international studies